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Chael Sonnen; What Kind of Man is He?

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Chael Sonnen; What Kind of Man is He?

Post  icebergsnoopy on Sat Jan 08, 2011 12:20 pm

By Jason Kelly, Senior Columnist

This is an attempt to provide you with the facts that represent the man Chael Sonnen; not the fighter or politician. Being a man takes more than just being 18 years of age with pubescent hair on your body. Being a man is taking responsibility for every action you make, every word you speak, and everything you do. Some men are honest, hardworking men, while other men are low down, dirty rotten scoundrels. Either way, being a man requires you to accept responsibility for the things you do, and the things you do as a man make you the man you are.

Chael Sonnen is a hard working wrestler who took Anderson Silva to the brink of defeat. Chael Sonnen is a politician who ran for Oregon State Representative in the Oregon House of Representatives. Chael is also a man who says what is on his mind, but what antics made Chael the man he is?

Between 2006 and 2010 Mr. Sonnen participated in many MMA fights, including the most significant opponent of his career, Anderson Silva. Chael pushed Anderson in a way that no MMA fanatic or analyst could have foreseen. Sonnen accomplished a mountain of feat for twenty-three minutes before he was conquered by the middleweight kingpin; Anderson Silva. Silva proceeded as the victor of that fight, but Sonnen gained a boat load of fans. MMA followers chanted Sonnen as the guy that pushed Anderson to his limits and touted him as the guy that could beat Silva if given an immediate rematch.

Some days passed and then news struck, Chael Sonnen had dirty urine. Chael tested positive for P.E.D.’s (performance enhancing drugs) and he instantly appealed the decision in order to clear his name. The California State Athletic Committee acknowledged Chael’s request and allowed Sonnen his day in court. The athletic committee hearing concluded that Chael Patrick Sonnen did not intentionally use performance enhancing drugs, yet rather he failed to mention the medication he was injecting into himself prior to his championship bout against Silva, a medication which happened to be a hormone replacement therapy drug. Chael may not have used anabolic steroids but, he did not follow the rules with intentions of gaining an edge on Silva and capturing the UFC belt Sonnen sought after; is that the trait of a consummate champion?

During the spring of 2010 Sonnen competed for the position of Oregon State Representative, and Chael accomplished the primary race, coming out as the victor. Chael fought a hard fought political race against nobody, literally nobody, and continued his hooray to the last stage of voting before abruptly exiting. Sonnen exited citing issues that have arisen from a real estate deal during 2006 that could tarnish his reputation and disallow Sonnen from running for any sort of political office for a predetermined amount of time. Is this a coincidence that Chael Sonnen has previously pulled out of a political race due to something that happened in 2006 and that Chael has recently been criminally indicted for a crime that he allegedly committed in 2006?

Sonnen is part of the team which makes up Crown Point Enterprises, a real estate company based out of Portland, Oregon. Sonnen, along with Crown Point, have recently been indicted with charges stemming from a 2006 fraudulent scam that would sell a home to a buyer who was unwilling to spend the money to purchase the home unless the terms were lucrative. Sonnen, along with his partners, allegedly agreed to set up an illegitimate mortgage that would kick back $69,000.00+ to the buyer. Does that carry the traits of an honest man?

Chael pleads his innocence to this day and he is still serving an athletic commission suspension, but that suspension may be furthered following Sonnen’s conflict with Federal courts. Sonnen’s current litigation issues carry possibilities of twenty year prison term and/or a $500,000.00 fine, yet the realities of the situation are; Chael’s absolute maximum penalty will be two years of probation along with a minute fine accompanied by some community service. The UFC has temporarily frozen Sonnen’s contract and they are waiting for additional information before allowing the already scheduled Chael Sonnen vs. Yoshihiro Akyamma to take place.

Chael has maneuvered his way in and out of trouble, always managing to avoid catastrophic punishment in either career. No matter what hat Chael is wearing, fighter, or politician, the riddle that composes the man Chael Sonnen remains a question for you to decide

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